Citizens Armory LLC.

Firearm and Ammunition Store with an onsite Firing Range


On all of our firearms in store, the price seen is the price you will pay. (Taxes are already labeled with price tags)

We offer a ONE YEAR warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty with the purchase of a NEW Firearm.  

With the purchase of any firearm you will recieve one free hour of range time. 

We offer CCW classes for $100 per student.

Also we offer the Eddie Eagle Program upon request for K-3 grades this program is FREE.

We do rent full automactic machine guns on Saturday here at the range such as the Thompson, M3 Grease, Israeli Uzi, Ruger 10-22 and PPS 43. We do ask that if you are interested contact store for more information such as pricing and availability.

We also have rifle caliber machine guns that we rent out and they are fired at our private outdoor range again please contact an associate for more information.

Some of the calibers we rent are the Maxium , M-60, M-249 SAW, M-2 (50 Cal machine gun), MG-34 and a-lot more. Contact Citizens Armory LLC. for details.